Together, we’ll turn your projects into tomorrow’s classics


Martina Gamboni is an international public relations and brand consulting firm that offers a full range of communication and marketing services for companies from the creative industries. We provide a programmed combination of communication solutions tailored to your specific requirements.
 We approach every assignment with care and professionalism, well-aware that an effective information and promotion strategy is the foundation of long-lasting relations and the key to increasing recognition, value, and brand awareness. 
 We develop and create the best-suited projects by always being in close contact with the world of design, fashion, and architecture, and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends. Trust our knowledge and expertise to create the right connections for you.

Martina Gamboni is an accomplished communications specialist operating in the design and creative industry. Her innate passion for design and architecture led her to pursue this field and establish the agency that bears her name. 
 From the very beginning, she came in contact with Italian excellence and world-renowned designers. Her strong experience allows her to deal with communications projects for industrial and artisan products, companies and galleries, young designers and prominent architectural firms. Her dedication has enabled her to establish professional and personal connections with influencers and press from all over the world.